Next, Fox News tribal hate propaganda segment producers and tribal hate televangelist hosts deeply understand that human psychology is not and never has been about “reality” — it is about perception and it’s all about our tribally accepted narratives (i.e., contagious stories) factual or not. This does not have to be a hypothetical. How can I stop receiving text alerts on my mobile phone? We have the technology in our very own homes to make this dream a reality. The corollary this principle is its inverse; if a tribal hate media consumer remains unaware of and illiterate to the basic trial hate tribal hate media emotional manipulation tactics and techniques, then Fox News and NOT YOU controls you and a future of significant emotional collateral damage is virtually certain. Fox News editorially taints other news media outlets. Search for the content that you wish to block and press Select. This cultural and political sorting behavior is not optional. Thus, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the dark “secrets” about the dark psychology of Fox News’ to most of its user base is that FNC’s powerful brand of tribal identity and superiority porn is carefully designed and produced to trigger and manipulate our most ancient base psychology. Fox News, the president’s favored network, will face enormous pressure to call the election for Mr. Trump. Press the OK button. Moreover, no one has any control over this involuntary automatic cognitive process that resides in our subconscious unless we are cognitively aware of its existence and power and we purposely and cognitively override our tribalized instinctual reflexes and behaviors.

Because at your subconscious level, tribal hate media is simply a powerful exercise in tribal ego-gratification because the act of hating on your tribal enemy is self-congratulatory.

Fox News is the worst.

Actively seeking information that proves the inferiority of their social identity outgroup aka mortal tribal enemy, Consuming ever higher “doses” of content which, in their eyes, proves the righteous and obvious superiority of their chosen political and or cultural tribe, Which is many cases becomes their primary source of positive self-esteem feelings and emotional human connection nourishment, a universe of tribal symbols (read white MAGA hat-wearing rally-goers), narrative tribal ideological structure (read “taking our country back”), non-stop hate or conspiracy theory propaganda and. Highlight the Parental Control feature on the screen. They have become a “tribalized” hyper-partisan and unfortunately for them yet another set of much more powerful innate cognitive social identity instincts and reflexes kick in including: In short, they have now fallen down into the Fox News addict rabbit hole and become what I have come to recognize as a full-blown Foxhole. “Our tribe is motivated by love, care, and affiliation” while the tribal outgroup is “sinister and motivated by hate!” or “Black Lives Matter means that White Lives Don’t Matter” to name just a few of these motive attribution asymmetry narratives. It is, after all, the network that blamed a hoodie for the death of Trayvon Martin and claimed that poor people have it pretty good if they’ve got a refrigerator. We’d all probably be better off if we shut off Sean Hannity (above) and Megyn Kelly and watched sports or nature documentaries or talked to our families. After Abby’s mother called her cable operator to ask why the channel wasn’t working, Abby revealed that she had blocked it. What I am saying that in most cases, their Fox News addiction is not their fault per se — that your parent, relative or long-time friend who fell into the Fox News addict rabbit hole was not by mistake. Antifa violence is backed by “powerful political entities” who need to be exposed to stop it, Fox Nation host Lara Logan told “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday. There is even a social psychology term for this endless escalating emotional manipulation: “The YouTube rabbit hole effect.”. The YouTube rabbit hole effect is so emotionally powerful that in YouTube crazed Brazil (80% of Brazilians watch YouTube weekly), the rabbit hole effect turned an unknown Brazillian right-wing activist with only 15% polling into the winner of the most recent Brazillian Presidential election. I know this because I performed or hosted over 2000 segments of Fox News’ tribal hate propaganda. Open the Fox News app. Press the Menu button on your remote twice. To unsubscribe from text alerts, text STOP to FNCTV (36288) – this will end all Fox News text message subscriptions. The whole emotionally predatory production premise of tribal hate media is for the Fox News tribal hatred televangelist (aka as talk show hosts) to hit one or more of the audience’s most vulnerable tribal emotional hot buttons that, in turn, trigger a cascade of tribalized and pleasurable emotional responses (actually the involuntary release of pleasurable neurochemical rewards injected into your brain) in return for keeping your eyeballs on FNC content. In the ‘Breaking News Alerts’ item, toggle the switch to the Off position. The same automatic subconscious relative self-congratulatory psychic pat-on-your-own-back reflex is what reality show “pity porn” like watching Hoarders or Housewives of Beverly Hills is based upon.

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